1. Faq's


  • 1. Can I hire a whole team?

    Definitely yes. But first we suggest you to identify the requirements and decide whether your requirement needs involvement from the whole team or just 1 or 2 staff can do it. You can hire 1 or 2 people and scale up the team size according to your need, if you feel that the requirements are growing and needs more hands onboard.

  • 2. What is Remote staff and where do they work from?

    Zealous as an organization wants to become the most reliable yet competent name in the accounting service providing industries. Our customer relationship first outlook ensures we provide the best value for your money.

  • 3. What are the benefits of remote staff?

    Remote staff is like a regular employee minus the multiple hassles like hiring issues, providing office space etc. The interesting part is you reduce cost through remote staffing and can hire or fire easily if the quality does not match your standard.

  • 4. How remote staffing saves money?

    Here at Zealous you can hire employees at a much cheaper salary than regular employees. The cost of infrastructural facilities such as office space or electricity is non-existent. There is no overtime charges or medical expense and bonus expense. No hiring and training cost is incurred and thus it significantly saves your money.